About AEI Capital

AEI Capital is a private equity firm with over 20 years of combined experience. With over USD500 Million of asset under management (AUM), we are in the midst of progressing toward hitting our first billion-dollar AUM Milestone

AEI Capital seeks to position itself as the light of capitalisation & re-strategisation opportunity for companies looking to further grow and transform their business, whether they are private or public companies.

AEI Capital prefers to work with tech scalable businesses with the potential to improve productivity and reduce costs through our in-depth organisation transformation expertise and technology-enabled business growth insights.

We work closely with our investee-companies to enhance the intrinsic value of our equity investment in each portfolio company by focusing on 3 Levers of the Capital Force:

  • Capitalisation
  • Strategisation
  • Digitalisation

to engineer their growth direction.

We believe doing the right things trump doing things right. Therefore conceiving the Right Strategy anchored by a Smart Capitalisation Model (including access to public capital markets for private company or access to committed equity lines for public company) underpinned by a business-savvy Digitalisation Blueprint, is, what we think, the most crucial keystone that distinguishes a great business from an average business, in today’s modern world.

We genuinely perceive and understand each Business as an Ever-Evolving Living Creature, whereby Capital Force is the Qi that gives birth to Business (Seed Capital), helps Business stay alive during hard times (White Knight Capital), makes Business grow stronger at the right time (Growth Capital), and last but not least, gives Business an afterlife after its demise (M&A). Infinite Loop of Capital Force, so to speak.

May the Force of Capital be with you.

Leadership Team

John Tan

Chairman & CEO

AEI Capital Group



Investment Banking Services Group
European Credit Investment Bank

Ethan Low

Senior Vice President. 

Corporate Development & Portfolio Management

AEI Capital Group

Constance Wong

Vice President.

Business Development & Group Operations

AEI Capital Group

Carson Kwong

Head of Greater China Region

AEI Capital Group

Zhang Wei Hua

General Manager
Greater China Region

AEI Capital Group

Wayne Ho

Finance & Portfolio Manager

AEI Capital Group

Syed Johan

Chief Marketing Officer
AEI Capital Group

Chief Operating Officer
AEI Tech Venture

Greater China HQ


Unit 12, 14/F, Lippo Sun Plaza,

28 Canton Road

Tsim Sha Tsui

Hong Kong.

SEA HQ Office


Duplex Penthouse, Unit A-33-6,

Level 33, Tower A, UOA Bangsar Tower,

No.5, Bangsar Utama 1 Road,

59000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Malaysia Satelite Office


G Floor, Wisma AEI,

No.30, Jalan Batai Laut 4,

Taman Intan, 41300, Klang

Selangor, Malaysia.

Singapore Office


9 Battery Road, #28-01,

049910, Singapore.

Associated IB Division


Level 32, Unit 2 & 3

Strata Office, KLEC

59200, Kuala Lumpur,


China Office


Unit 1306, Block B

Zhouyuecheng Tower Phase 2,

Shangmeilin, Futian CBD

District, Shenzhen,

Guangdong Province, China.

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